For years I struggled to find a pair of pants that I loved.  Many came close, but it wasn't until I took a short course in pattern making that I came across a formula that worked for my body shape.  The 'yoke pant', pictured above, is the design I came up with.  It has a wide yoke and rear zip to smooth the silhoutte, and wide legs that give length and shape.  After putting these into production, I found that other women loved them too, and that these pants look fantastic on women of all shapes and sizes.  Most importantly, women feel great in them. 

Women buy Starashan pants with confidence.  The sizing is consitent across all styles.  I always keep the fit and form of the pattern exactly the same at the top, and create further styles by altering the detailing at the bottom of the pant.  These are pants you will always come back to.